Second-deepest U.S. lake


Room for a La-Z-Boy

Reservation whose members established the Sacred Stone Camp

Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Isabel

Prefix with ‘nautical’

Place for a collar

Piece of direction-giving tech

Oyakodon ingredient

Org. with a Steelers/Ravens rivalry

Name hidden in ‘Her majesty’



Just in case

JFK landing predictions

Is unable to

Indiana’s NBA team

ID on a tax return

Haunted Mansion ‘residents’

Good dog’s reward

French preposition hidden in ‘rave culture’

Fraudulent schemes

Former Giants quarterback Manning

For a limited time ___

Finalizes, like a deal

Emotion often represented with the color red

Earn some commission, perhaps

Drink served with scones

Don’t toss

Doesn’t win

Dismay at an astronomical price tag

Did a 5K

Call bell sound

Bread served with dhal

Bar exam, e.g

Apex predator of the avian world

Abel’s brother

‘___ Love’ (song that 33 couples got married to at the 2014 Grammys)

‘Sweat’ playwright Nottage

‘Skip ___’ (streaming button)

‘It’s that time already?’

‘I need a few ___’

‘Begin timing me now!’

___ Ruby (D.C. nonprofit with the slogan ‘Everyone’s Home’)

___ Prize (award won by Karen Uhlenbeck in 2019)

___ install