Regret rugby game’s ending

Reasonable to circulate learner’s talent

Rat lifted rubbish beneath train mostly

Pre-adolescent child, affectedly quaint, developed anger

Polish in command initially on ancient boundary

Point above large church somewhere in central London

Pictures usually seen here right inside cooking area

One who might appear before court jester with cape

Old Royal Marine probing grandma’s regional dialect

Modest business year

Hospital doctor from triage’s moving into middle of Harrow

Hat on Yankee supporting aristocrat’s football club

Greek character runs house

Go in with can, embracing a host

Gemstone, minute, received by dodgy dealer

Fashionable electric vehicles backed

Dull floor covering

Criminal group extremely lanky: tall and thin

Christmas delivery vehicle butcher mentioned

Aquatic conveyance right behind

Alcoholic drink disappeared, tipped up __ around two gallons

A wicket with line wrong

Unpromising areas in which son finds things to eat

Top-class teacher having a lie-in?

Those curious poker yarns scoundrel initially concocted

The Speaker’s faction expressed their disappointment?

Spot man in house holding bomb? On the contrary

Sinister Tory lord returning at start of year

Seemed happy moving south __ but deluded

S for sovereign?

Revival of addict, back with second award

Response to expulsion by university admitting not so much

Possibly bitter about China supporter

Music-maker’s poetic invocation of lover in recital?

Lusty deb drooled horribly

Layabout upset by occasionally chaotic dancers

Lawgiver playing part in generalissimo’s escape

Holy man in French island uprising

Head office exploiting position in Barbican perhaps

Goliath running wild, inspiring northern hatred

Examined closely, as swordfish might be?

Drugs making you a prima donna?

Daughter in wig perhaps, having dropped an E?

Coppers accepting a new punishment

Children resulting from affair?

Catcher of worms, as the dodo was?