Totally psyched

Toni Morrison’s last novel

Thin part of a violin


Suffix that means ‘kinda’

Stuff in a stratospheric layer

Stock debut, for short

Shade close to ruby

Seasoning mix

Roth ___

Plural is

Person posting a bunch of baby pics, perhaps

Period following Mardi Gras

Path for grocery carts

Not haram

Nomadic Outback bird

Mystery novelist on ‘The Office’

Music genre related to reggae

Most up-to-date

More tidy

Mole and sriracha

Irish singer who rarely performs live

International Space Hall of Famer Jemison


Indy 500 and Daytona 500

Hot pot emanation

George and Lance, to Bow, in ‘She-Ra’

Garment with a band size

Fusses in front of a mirror

Fruit with green or golden flesh

Feel crummy

Cornfield attraction

Bright food additive