Suffix used in exaggerations

Study fast and hard

Starts or assaults

Society-page newcomer

Shortened form, in shortened form

Shopping center?

Shark’s hanger-on

Send through channels

School segment

Royal power sphere

Rough Rider Roosevelt

Resist, as authority

Repeat what you heard

Relating to cooking

Reddish-brown pigment


Puerto ___

Prideful female?

Plant-sucking insect

Overcome with reverence

Outlandish number

Operating expenses, in slang

One looking down on others

Not bleed

Negative conjunction

Low men in the choir

Lennon married her

Lead-in for “state” or “face”

It covers about 17.2 million square miles

Islam’s deity

Hip-hop repertory

Hindu woman’s dress

Have a gut feeling about

Go on alert

Ghana’s largest city

Get off the fence

Fox’s trait

Fixed footwear, in a way

Female voice type

Do couch duty?

Dishwasher’s sinkful

Diamond Head locale

Decide not to take a hit

Daily riser

Cold coating

Classic Toyotas