___ pie (Tex-Mex dish)

___ control

Word used with ‘neither’

Volcano’s outflow

Twin city of Moorhead, Minnesota

Timberwolves’ org

Ticket souvenir

The Minnesota Lynx, for example

Submitting taxes

Sparkly strands on a Christmas tree

She played Sophia Petrillo on ‘The Golden Girls’


Sandwich from a street vendor

Sandwich from a deli

Response to ‘Who’s there?’

Prefix for ‘potent’

Poet ___ Red Elk

Places for microneedling

Place to repair a plane

Person on your side

Pair in the snow

Org. for doctors

One skilled in CPR

Oil drilling structures

Not imaginary

Noodle topping also known as ajitsuke tamago

Like redwood trees

Like a firstborn child

Light-loving insect

Lamb’s dad

It might be next to a recycling bin

Homophone of ‘knew’

Hammer or plane

Hair product

Grand Slam of entertainment, for short

Goblet lip

Garment in a lingerie bag

Fuel for a car

Early anarcha-feminist

Computer in ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’

Canada’s fourth-largest city

Apt rhyme for ‘wile’

Animal with panoramic vision

A kamidana is a small one

‘ur funny!’

‘Time to begin!’