D’Pharaoh Woon-A-___

Cue for the forgetful

Close association

Clear frost from

Carve into glass

Calculates a sum

C. J. Cherryh’s birth city, for short

Browser’s destination

Birds heard at night

Become wider

Became a big success

Adzuki or fava

‘That’s strange . . .’

‘I’ll be darned!’

‘I Can Love You’ singer Mary J

‘How can I ___ thank you enough?’

Working with ordinary couple of females, intermittently

What superstar expects ringing about one after lead?

Support very large gangster’s suggestion

Sounds produced by this cat round a queen

Slowly describing a type of shed

Setter barking after spy leaves Tube station

Problem with head of shire horse

Manage, at a later time, to set off in pursuit

Luxurious hotel’s withdrawn credit

List of charges, the result of squabble about artist turning up

Large sum of money bank employee gives palm reader?

Got up to deliver decorated dish as a prize, maybe

Go slowly in tug

Fully briefed, as one chosen by casting director may be?

Folly of new and old bridge partners seen playing

Fat got from ducks, originally — excellent

Exploited American Democrat following first of elections

Eagle inhabiting Alderney

Crowd supported Egypt’s leader in rally

Batting streak, reportedly to no avail

Ate bun doubtfully during golf club spread

Appraise organ aloft

After tango, enjoy Blackpool, say

Access for transport

A Parisian’s help not declared

A grand finale associated with ace programme


Traditional knowledge


Strive; quarrel