Cord-free computer accessory

Cigar schmutz

CBS forensics drama

Business higher-ups

Baghdad’s country

Apt rhyme for ‘deal’

Alpaca relative

Alluring people

‘___ Lake’ (Tchaikovsky ballet)

‘You can’t make me!’

‘Wow, that’s rough’



‘Might really regret this question, but . . .’

‘Fight ___ Love’ (Andrea Gibson poem)

___ kit (tools for creating a pout)

Yo ___ (‘I am’ in Spanish)

Word before ‘Godiva’ or ‘Gaga’

With only a few exceptions

Use a keypad

Stuff to analyze

Sporcle quiz makers, perhaps

Sparkly headwear

Something a skateboarder grinds on

Some rock band members

Slob’s creation

Skirt length between maxi and mini

Sinus doc

Rodents that might be ‘hooded’

Rock Steady Crew member aka Bobbito Garcia

Restaurant booking, for short

Race consisting of three sports, for short

Purring pet

Prima ballerina Maria

Prefix for ‘binary’

Poker game surface

Platform on a pond

Plant part that’s underground

Partner of ‘crafts’

Palindromic suffix for ‘Hawaii’

Lowest acceptable amount

Late-July births, signwise

Is not

High-five sounds

Gut feeling

Garments that might have cellphone pockets