Chocolate milk brand

Agitated state that may lead to protests

Adjective on a Renaissance faire sign

Actress Bonet

Abbr. on a box of cat litter

2021’s ‘Gossip Girl,’ e.g

‘Slammin’ Sammy’

‘Like . . . NOW!’

‘In ___ Detail’ (Cora Harrington book about lingerie)

‘Great job!’

‘Frozen’ queen

‘Do unto ___ . . .’

‘Code Switch’ network

___ yoga (spiritual path of action)

___ stick (toy for bouncing)

___ contested

Word before ‘duckling’ or ‘cry’

What tree rings signify


Turns a short outing into a dawn-to-dusk adventure

Tool for Dutch canal jumping

Thumbs-up button

The ‘one’ in a one-two punch

Tennis star Naomi

Succulent that’s toxic to cats

Simple lie

Shade of color

Seek legal damages

Seasonal worker


Performance with divas

Perfect score at a drag ball

Parenting pair

Orchestra’s spot

Once again

Off the ___ (unreachable)

Number between cero and dos

Nights before holidays

Mini-golf standard

Math genius Lovelace

Kewpie condiment


High-pitched bark

Hazy image

Hair accessory for JoJo Siwa

Genre for EXO and BTS