‘That’s awful news!’

‘Jane Eyre’ author Charlotte

‘I’m impressed!’

‘I don’t believe ___ met’

‘Cowboy Bebop’ star John

___ mutter (Punjabi curry)

Wrestler Ruby

Vinyl albums

Very much a blessing

Trapeze artists’ precautions

Trailing the field

Totally full

Took first place

The ___ Moines Symphony

Tended to polenta

Sunflower part

Sugar, in Chinese

Suffix for ‘room’ or ‘team’

Son of a queen

Regrets greatly

Really close

Prone to backtalk

Pick out of a crowd

Obstetricians’ calculations

Newspaper section for columnists

Nagano-based printer brand

Med. plan option

Litter box trainee

Like throwback jackets

Like limousine windows

Knight’s protective wear

Heading for college, perhaps

Habitat for arame and nori

Grunting farm animals

Grated citrus part

Grab a chair

Gas pump part

Garment with many draping styles

Garbage can smell

Form W-9 input, for short

Feast featuring a cup of wine for Elijah

Eyeshadow purchase

Emulates Quan Hongchan

Doesn’t have dinner until midnight, for example

Dispatched by Buffy

Digits in binary code