Bull’s sound

Be shown to the public

Age of a yearling

Addis ___, Ethiopia

Above ___ beyond

Abbreviation in a TV schedule

2021 WNBA champions

‘You doubt my abilities?’

‘We need help!’ letters

‘Luster’ protagonist

‘In your face!’

‘Dorothy Dandridge ___’ (Janelle Monae song)

___ J. Cooper (author and educator)

___ Fierce aka Beyonce

Yo-Yo Ma’s instrument

Wrapping up

UFO pilots, maybe

Team of astronauts

Taylor Swift album containing the longest No. 1 hit of all time

SpongeBob’s pet Gary, e.g

Singer with the album ’30’

Scent of some green candles

Removed for a rules violation, for short

Rating symbol

Quickly made, like a decision

Prefix for ‘lingual’

Popular soiree pairing

Pays for a poker hand

Pasta in some salads

Organ that might be lent or bent

Not very costly

Non-mainstream, for short

Name that’s an anagram of 13-Across

Name hidden in ‘Angela Lansbury’

Music genre that might put you in your feels

Moved toward

Lost concentration

Like a tear-jerker

Like a creative type

Kanga’s baby

Item made in Santa’s workshop

Gets passed overhead from person to person at a concert

Gardening tools

Friends, in Australia

Fragment of glass

Created a poem, e.g