Crystal clear

Cozy drink

Completely permeate


Civil rights law that turned 30 in 2020, for short

Chinese ___ (bonsai species)

Brainstorm product

Apt name for a painter

Apt anagram of ‘evil’

Animator’s creation, for short

Ameenah Kaplan’s ‘The Office’ role

Amadeus aka the Hulk

Alma mater for many astronauts

‘___ Namesake’ (Jhumpa Lahiri novel)

‘Yeah, I’m soooo fortunate’

‘Well, that wasn’t very nice!’

‘Saved by the ___’

‘I’m not a robot’ test

‘Good Girls’ star Whitman

‘Give a ___! Don’t pollute’


‘Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That ___’

‘Ceci n’est pas une pipe’ painter Magritte

___ rice (Japanese/Mexican fusion dish)

You may fall down one while researching something online

Veggie that rolls easily

Tough decision

Throw gently

The Chicks, e.g

Tax on imports or exports

Storm discharge

Still hasn’t paid

Soft drink choice