Group of ships

Four on a par-three hole

First Bond movie

Firecracker that doesn’t go off


Defiant refusal

Daredevil’s feat

Cozy lodging place

Chips with a Cool Ranch flavor

Chilling in a cooler

Cheese in tirokafteri

Butcher shop scraps

Blowhard’s display

Biggest city in Qatar

Battle reminders

Art class supplies

Apple debuted in August 1998

Actress who played Snow White on ‘Once Upon a Time’

‘___ They See Us’

‘Why Not Me?’ author

‘That’s right’

‘Planet Money’ network

‘If you would be so kind . . .’

‘Citizen Kane’ star Welles

‘Big Little Lies’ actress Laura

Topping on some dessert pizzas

Title role for Anne Hathaway in 2004

Spreadsheet sections


Senior’s year-end dance

Science fiction award

Sandwiches that might be made with tempeh

Red diamonds, e.g