Losing team in the 2019 Solheim Cup

Like hands after eating youtiao

Like depth, among dimensions

Like brand-new candles

Lack of difficulty

Honeybee homes

Herbivore with three toes


Get the suds out

Firepit remnant

Fenty Beauty founder, to fans

Far from avant-garde

Fantasy sports datum

Emeli Sande or Kelly Macdonald

Duck, duck, ___

Devoid of mistakes

Desserts with toasted marshmallows

Declare publicly

Comfy bed or hot shower, e.g

Coconut butter is high in it

Christmas candle scent

Candice Patton’s role on ‘The Flash’


Big trucks

At-bat stats

Applies a mist to

Anna Netrebko delivery

Address for multiple knights

Abrupt movement

2014 Olympics host city

‘The Matrix’ protagonist

‘Sorry, already got plans’

‘Oh yeah?’