___-rising flour

___ Festival (final day of the Chinese New Year)

Workspace for a chemist

Wood in old piano keys

Tough draw at a soccer tournament

Touch up in Photoshop

Time period that inspires nostalgia

Swallows hurriedly

Stock market debut, for short


Security system devices

Say without thinking

Rosemary and shiso, for two

Rhombus or triangle, for example

Putt-putt standard

One certified in CPR

Official language of Ghana (Abbr.)

Nevada city with over 20 casinos

Muscle woes

Many a University of Tripoli student

Like a 10 in Olympic diving

Light brown shades

Legally prohibits

Laser pointer output

Landmasses in the ocean

Kindergartner’s playtime

Joyce DiDonato production

Hot tuna sandwich

Helpful hint

Guardians with wings

Greet someone casually

Got out of hand

Gets under control

Establishes as law

Emcee’s opening

Electric bill figure

Eggs in a chirashi bowl

Discreet summons

Disappear slowly

Didn’t hang around


Competed like Regan Smith

Chinese zodiac animal of 2022

Changes back to zero

Calm and Headspace, e.g

Calculate a sum