___ of the ball

Writer of seven autobiographies

What some phone keyboards contain

Watch a friend’s feline

Unfilled space

Stuff from a volcano

Song sung alone

Slice of tofu

Shape with four right angles

Scent sensor

Sasha Fierce, for Beyonce, e.g

Resident of Baghdad or Basra

Ren Faire competitors on charging horses

Protein source

Prime minister elected in 2017

Plant in many balms

Place for agriculture

Often groanworthy joke

Not nice

Nation in western New York

Meshy traps

Many a fillable document

Main color of the Turkish and Tunisian flags

Lose fur

Like does

Key near a tilde

Instrument for Ahya Simone

In its current state

Hotel garment

Head of the pack

Halted temporarily

Gooey breakfast condiment

Glue with a bull mascot