___ powder (smoothie ingredient)

Wacoal garment

Unrealistic aspiration

Travel through the air

Toucan’s bill

Tax prep pros

Taken without permission

Suffix denoting inflammation

Source ___

Small increases

Small horse


Shawl with fringed ends

Scathing reviews

Runner Nia

Revered figures

Really mad

Prefix for ‘correct’

Phoenix Mercury star Taurasi

Period of chilly weather

Paper handout

Online home of r/mildlyinteresting

One snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, say

Noodle sometimes topped with abura-age

Name hidden in ‘Olduvai Gorge’

Morning eye-opener

Little scissor cut

Like unused matches

Like a damp basement

Lead-in to ‘care’ or ‘control’

Largest artery

Joints that move a lot in Zumba classes

Jacks and jokers, e.g