___-faced (pale)

___ hygiene


Word before ‘straits’ or ‘consequences’

Word akin to ‘fewer’

Tech co. nicknamed ‘Big Blue’

Sum up

Suffix meaning ‘sorta’

Struck heavily

Steinbeck novel inspired by a Mexican folk tale

Stated openly

Stand-up human

Spill a secret

Royal residence

Roof edges

Prom queen’s ride

Prefix for ‘sphere’

Poker hand asset

Placed loosely

Pinball no-no

Part of the foot

Pantry item

Note paper, of a sort

Not yet in stock

Nonfiction movie, for short

Nickname for Dorothy

Needle-nose tool

Muddy the ___

Ms. Grande, fondly

Lugged around

Live show host

Likely to hold a grudge

Like books and nobles