___ Bay Seasoning

Yam or cassava, for example

With 38-Across, ‘You know I got you!’

Washington who played Olivia Pope

Very tasty

Very strongly dislike

Vegetable with a Ruby Queen cultivar

Uses a username and password

Third-person possessive pronoun

The Sunshine State

Table support

Spanish for ‘king’

Son of Kanga

Small Scottish dog breed

Singer with song titles at 16-, 18-, 23- and 35-/38-Across

Significant wealth

Sang at top volume

Passageways for elevators

Pass without saying hi

Overtime loss in the playoffs, for example

Opposite of a liability

One of the Five Pillars of Islam


Odometer reading

Negative answers

NBA team with a dinosaur mascot

Name meaning ‘king’


Manicure shape

Male honeybee

Hidden name in this clue (if you read backwards)

Hansel’s sister

Gets larger

Flat landform

Feeling that’s French for ‘already seen’

Dog’s tail motion

Deep-frying need

Comfy and cozy

City in 38-Down

Bus routes that end where they begin

Bull’s-eye hitter

Bird in the crow family

Artist Abdu

Actor Ryan ___

Academy trainees

‘You’re right’