___ out (gives in portions)

Word before ‘subject’ or ‘loser’

Word before ‘flag’ or ‘parade’

Was in command of

Voice quality

Veggies paired with carrots

Undefeated boxer Laila


Symbol above 6 on a keyboard


Surname that sounds like a question


Submits tax forms online

Son of Beyonce

Smooth and shiny

Sign of impending doom, say

Shared by you and me

Rider’s payment

Remark of realization


Prepped for publication

Place where legends are honored

Pig’s dinner

Pentathlon weapon

Partner of Larry and Curly

Overexertion result

Open from a rolled-up position

Obligatory assignment

Not just every now and then

Not going beyond

Norwegian dog breed

Noise from a high-five

Newborn on a dairy farm