Longtime Chinese chairman

Links prop

Learning facility

Largest volcano in Europe

Large, sweet, juicy fruit

Kind of ring or swing

Iridescent gem

Give off, as an odor

Frog advances

Foreign Legion cap

Find new actors for

Film critic Ebert

Fiery horse

Denim pioneer Strauss

Decorative flap on a garment

Damaged beyond repair

Coupe cousin

Cornmeal cake

Convex molding

City shrouded in mystery?

Churchill or Nixon sign

Bullfighter’s garment

Attack vigorously

Angler’s need

All-purpose adhesive roll

Airline predictions (Abbr.)

Add sound effects


A founder of Time

A couple of trees

61-Across, in the present tense

1970s Chevy subcompact

“Things aren’t always what they ___”