Pass, perhaps undeservedly

This time, we got "Pass, perhaps undeservedly" crossword puzzle clue. Next we will look for a few extra hints for Pass, perhaps undeservedly and below is the correct answer:


If there is another solution for : Pass, perhaps undeservedly . Please let us know the correct or alternative answer for this clue.

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2 Responses to “Pass, perhaps undeservedly”

  1. tessie

    That is the solution for 40 Across for 10 July 2016 usatoday crossword. However, I do not understand the answer? tessie b.

  2. bruce Eichhorst

    the answer to “pass, perhaps undeservedly’ is “Gentleman’s C”
    t can either mean “A grade given by an Ivy League school to the son of a benefactor” or, “The grade aspired by a Gentleman who doesn’t want to seem too interested in grades”


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