___ stick (bouncing toy)

Zinnia relative

Word after ‘clean’ or ‘blank’

Weight of responsibility

Traditional Scottish skirts

Tiffany Midge piece

Tell a secret

Suffix for ‘Japan’ or ‘Senegal’

Skadarlija resident

Singer Sumney

Risk-taking types


Psychic power

Psychiatrist’s prescription, maybe

Provide some missing information


Pond fish

Pit goo

Phrase associated with a monkey covering its ears

Partial refund

Paneer ___ masala

Pampas and prairies

Org. for which Sunita Williams has logged over 50 hours of spacewalks

Nutrition stat hidden in ‘dinner date’

Not watertight

Mo. city near the Meramec River

Mischievous demons

Mends by stitching

Language that gave us ‘e.g.’

Jedi’s opponents

Isabel Wilkerson book

Instrument for Dorothy Ashby

Incite to do something foolish